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Thank you for visiting Studyworks, your trusted American education provider since 1975. The Studyworks office in Singapore offers a variety of courses tailored to prepare students for various tests and examinations. We have standardized test preparation classes as well as tutoring classes for students in the middle/high schools in the international schools.

Our teachers are trained in imparting their knowledge efficiently besides being great motivators in cultivating learning among students.

Studyworks Pte Ltd in Singapore is a member of the TrustSG network, a web site and business accreditation body for businesses that promote good business practices. Studyworks has been in Singapore since the year 2000 and enjoys good standing among academic counsellors, parents and students in the major international schools here.

To read about what we have to offer, please click on the links below or to your left. We hope to be able to see you in one of our classes soon.

At Studyworks, we are not just teachers, we are parents too. We want your children to do well for the test just like how we want our own children to do well. Your children will be in good hands.


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