Our students have been accepted at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UCLA, Brown... just to name a few.
  • Intensive Courses comprise 10 days of lessons and 5-10 days of practice tests with review.
  • Weekend Courses give students the flexibility of attending classes only on weekends and to focus school and other activities on weekdays. Weekend classes meet every Saturday and Sunday (for tests).
Our goals
      1) to familiarize students with the format of the test and the scoring system
      2) to review math concepts, grammar rules, reading strategies
      3) to teach students to apply strategies for each section
      4) to give students practice answering questions both in-class and at home
      5) to increase students’ stamina, confidence and test-taking ability
      6) to raise scores by over 200 points
What you get:istudyworksimage
  • Free diagnostic test before the course starts
  • Free one hour personalized consultation to plan schedule and goals
  • 40 to 50 hours of guaranteed teaching
  • Between 6 to 20 hours of test review
  • 1 official SAT study guide
  • 1 Studyworks binder with course notes
  • 1 Prefixes and Roots workbook
  • 1 Power Up your Vocab ( 1000 words) workbook
  • Minimum of 5 practice tests; maximum of 10 practice tests AFTER the course
Free practice tests and review

We encourage all students to take a free diagnostic test before the course starts so that we can accurately assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses.  Please make an appointment with our office if you wish to sit for this free, no obligation test.  Please note the test takes 4 hours. After the course, students may take the free practice tests at our center under timed conditions. The tests are optional, but students who conscientiously complete all tests and make the effort to review their mistakes do better than students who do not. All practice tests must be taken on the dates specified in the course schedule.  For students who intend to take the actual test at a later date, practice tests may be used any time within one academic year.  Students who are unable to come on a practice test day should make alternative arrangements with the tutor. Please note that students who miss the group review must pay the private tutoring rate if they wish to have individual review of the paper with the tutor.  It is the student’s responsibility to take the course early to ensure enough time for completing all practice tests and reviews.

Best of all, we understand how busy you are, so we’ve developed a flexible course schedule that revolves around your schedule and your needs. Choose the classes you can take based on your target test date and we’ll work together with you to achieve your goals.

What you learn in our Weekend Courses

You’ll get exactly the same useful syllabus and strategies as the Intensive courses. The only difference is that the classes are broken up into lessons on Saturdays and Sundays.

SAT Course Syllabus
Day Module
1 Math Introduction to SAT / Math strategies, Number & Operations Lecture
Verbal Critical Reading Lecture
2 Math Math Strategies Tutorial, Number & Operations Tutorial
Verbal Critical Reading Tutorial
3 Math Algebra & Functions Lecture
Verbal Writing – Essay Lecture and Practice
4 Math Algebra & Functions Tutorial
Verbal Writing – Subject-verb Agreement Lecture and Tutorial
5 Math Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Statistics Lecture
Verbal Writing – Tenses, Active / Passive Lecture and Tutorial
6 Math Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Statistics Lecture
Verbal Writing – Expression and Pronouns Lecture and Tutorial
7 Math Student Produced Response (SPR) Lecture
Verbal Writing – Tutorial
8 Math Student Produced Response (SPR) Tutorial
Verbal Writing – Improving Paragraphs Lecture and Tutorial
9 Math Math Tutorial
Verbal Sentence Completions Lecture
10 Math Math Tutorial
Verbal Sentence Completions Tutorial
11+ Practice tests with review


Course Registration / Fees

Individual tutoring for the SAT can also be arranged. The fee is S$150.00 per hour per student. If you have a friend or a group of friends who wish to take the course with you, please call or email us regarding fee discounts.

We accept payment by cash, individual/company checks (cheques), VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Payments by cash or credit card must be made in person at our office. Please call before coming. Payments by checks (cheques) should be drawn on a Singapore bank, crossed and made payable to Studyworks Pte Ltd.

To register for any of our SAT courses, please fill up the form here and click on the “Submit my Registration” button to send the form to us. We will contact you within three business days to confirm your registration. Alternatively, you may wish to call us directly at 6251 6448 to register.