Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my handphone during the test?

Handphones and electronic devices are strictly not allowed to be used during testing and break times. All personal items must be kept in the locker provided.

Can I access my locker during break time?

Most test candidates are not allowed to access their handphones, electronic devices, study materials and bags. If you need to open your locker to get food, water or medicine, please inform our staff member before you do so.

You already scanned me going in, why do you need to keep scanning me over and over again?

Prometric believes in a fair and equal testing environment and the security procedures are in place to ensure your test is valid and valuable to the organizations you work for.

Will it be noisy inside the test room? I’m afraid I can’t concentrate.

Ears muffs are provided free-of-charge to help you.

Can I use my own calculator? I’m more comfortable with it.

Tests that require mathematical calculations usually have an in-built calculator which you can use on the computer screen. You are not permitted to bring in your own calculator unless the test organization specifically instructs us to allow the candidate to do so. You must bring the correct model that is allowed by your testing organization.

I’ve taken this test before at another center and they let me use a calculator, they let me in without any scanning, they let me in without a passport, etc.

We are not aware of the operating procedures of other test centers. However, when you take a test here, we strictly follow Prometric’s Standard Operating Procedures. Hence, if you choose to take your test here, please follow our rules and regulations so as to have a pleasant test.


Thank you and we hope you will enjoy testing with us.