Most importantly, we do not teach FROM the test. We teach TO the test.
The Studyworks Advantage

In our classes, we will coach you on everything from the basic grammar rules to the most advanced grammar rules. In addition, we review math concepts all the way from the most basic to the hardest, most challenging ones, and we teach you the right way to read a critical reading passage and drill you on the methodology. Finally, we do not assume everyone already has a huge vocabulary, nor do we leave it to chance or luck that you will score well on the vocabulary questions without any studying. Vocabulary classes are a necessary and useful part of our course.

Most importantly, we do not teach from the test. We teach TO the test.

We do not bore students with test after test DURING the course. We teach from the ground up and train you to understand what’s on the test. Here at Studyworks, you take your practice tests after you’ve done your learning. Makes sense? We think it’s obvious because you only run a marathon after your training, and not do your training while you’re running your first marathon. Our test prep curriculum is challenging, in-depth, and comprehensive- exactly what you need to score your best.