“Thank you for helping our daughter overcome her fear of the SAT. We are glad we sent her to Studyworks. You really helped build her confidence and abilities in test taking!”

Mrs. Chan (Parent of student in Singapore American School)

“The strategies helped so much. I couldn’t believe how simple they were. I felt so much more confident when I took the test.”

Linda R.

“Not only did the Studyworks course familiarize me with the (SAT) test, but it also helped me to see quicker and more efficient solutions to every type of question on the test.”

Victor L.

“It is with great pleasure that I write regarding my daughter’s experience with Studyworks and specifically with Thye. My oldest daughter began working with Thye a couple of months before she took the SATs for the first time, and continued working with him in preparation for the SAT 2 in Math. In short, I found these efforts to be well worth the time and money. Thye had been recommended to me by one of my good friends. There is no question that my daughter’s scores on this standardized testing were improved as a direct result of working with Thye. Not only is Thye knowledgeable about math, but also, more importantly in this case, he understands the pedagogy of a subject. He is able to diagnose what a student might not understand, and knows how to explain it “differently” or show a better way to solve a problem. In addition, he knows where to concentrate on the test-taking skills of a particular test. “

Denise K. (Parent of student in Singapore American School)

“The course covered all the topics required. There were lots of practice, and the strategies that were taught were most useful. The administrative staff were very helpful… always willing to help whenever we need help.”

K.U. Jeong (National Junior College)

“I found it useful that the Studyworks course focuses on strategies and not in building up vocabulary in a short time. The administrative staff were very attentive and helpful. Great course and good job!”

A. von Roda. (ISS)

“Studyworks helped me achieve the score I wanted!”

Dennis N.

“My SSAT score was 2340, within the 99th percentile. I’m really happy with my score – thank you so much!”

Tansy. (Singapore Chinese Girls School)

“Everything taught in the course was useful. I am glad that I have chosen Studyworks! Excellent!”

Kyaw Swa Win

“The strategies are very useful and the teaching materials are good. Scheduling was not a problem and I felt that they (the administrative staff) were very efficient.”

Sarah L. (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)

“Hey to my great grand seniors (oops it makes you guys sound kind of old eh..). I want to say THANKS for all the time… the interesting SAT lessons and the care and never ending encouragement.You guys are a fabulous bunch! Anyway, results are out and I got a 1450. 670 for Verbal (higher than expected because it was a horrible paper… thanks Vera!) and 780 for Maths (surprised myself actually… thanks so much Ying Thye…eventhough in the end, no permutations came out after all…arrggh!!) Okay it is not a fantastic score…nothing much to brag about but I want you guys to know how much you guys contributed to that … and how much I enjoyed myself. You made the difference! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!”

Marina C. (Raffles Junior College)

“I am very happy to inform you that my son passed the entrance examination to Waseda University’s department of Political Science and Economics. Thank you very much for your excellent support.”

Mr. M. Takashima (Singapore American School)

“Just wanted to let you know that I got 2330 for my SAT! 800 for Math and Reading, 730 for Writing, 12 for Essay and 67 for MCQs. Thanks so much for everything!”

Tasha L. (Singapore American School)

“Hello. This is Jeffrey Hwang. Thanks to your help in the SAT course. I am now attending U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Thanks!”

Jeffrey H. (Canadian International School)

Wow! Good news! My son’s Writing has improved to 720 with a 12 on his essay. Many thanks for your help.

Mrs Lee (Parent of Student from SAS)

Just wanted to thank you and Vera for the last time. I’ve been accepted to Columbia University and have no doubt my SAT 2220 had something to do with it. Thanks for all your help at Studyworks. I couldn’t be more grateful.


Mila R. (Singapore American School)

I’d just like to say thank you so much for all of your help with the SAT1. I just received my scores and -with your help- I managed to score a 2300 overall: 770 in Math, 790 in Critical Reading, 740 in Writing, and a 12 on the essay! I’m really pleased with my result and once again, I’d really like to thank you for all of your help.

Alex A. (Singapore American School)

Thye and Vera have made SAT prep classes interesting for me. During my course, their teaching style was very personalized, which catered to my strengths and weaknesses in the various aspects. They are very enthusiastic, and immensely knowledgeable about the SAT 1 and 2. As a student from ACS (I) IB, I strongly recommend you to Studyworks

Nic Y. (ACS Independent, Singapore)

“veraaaa— I just wanted to tell you, I broke 2100! CR720!!!!/M750/W700 yay thank you! “

Stephanie T. (Philips Exeter Academy)

I did well on my SAT – thank you! – I’m pretty sure the Studyworks course kicked up my score by at least 100. I got 2190 – 800 on writing! Thanks for everything.

Emily B. (Singapore American School)

“Hello Vera and Thye! I got 2220 for my December SAT. Reading: 660, Math: 790, Writing: 750 (Essay: 11). Thanks for all your help”

Zhou A. (Hwa Chong Institution)