At Studyworks, we are not just teachers. We are parents too. Your children will be in good hands.
About Us

Studyworks has been teaching students for over 30 years (since 1975). In Singapore, we have been teaching since 2000 and thousands of students have benefited from our techniques and strategies for the standardized tests.

All our teachers have college degrees in their fields (usually a Masters degree or above). Great strategies and teachers are only two-thirds of our formula for test-taking success. We also use only the most effective and authentic materials. Long ago, we decided that the best preparatory material was to use real test questions. Students at Studyworks get to practice on real past SAT papers, and supplement their learning with our own workbooks and handouts. The sample tests that many other prep schools/companies create seem impressive, but these ‘fake tests’ are just cheap ways of providing mediocre study material. Their tests will never come close to matching the real thing.

Studyworks enjoys a good reputation in Singapore. We value quality and provide our students with the highest standard of teaching. Many academic counsellors in the major international schools recommend Studyworks to their students for their test preparation needs. We regularly teach students whose parents are themselves teachers or educators in the major international schools here.

At Studyworks, we are not just teachers, we are parents too. We want your children to do well for the test just like how we want our own children to do well. Your children will be in good hands.