Studyworks is a pioneer of test prep courses, with a history dating back to 1975 in the USA.
History of Studyworks

314232_271536972945430_249362608_nStudyworks was an early pioneer of test preparation. We taught our first students in 1975. Our founder, Mr. Miles Fulton Pewitt, had recently finished law school but was interested in creating a business that utilized his best skill: doing well in standardized tests.

Forsaking a legal career was a dubious choice in those days. Prep courses were not popular and in some cases were even considered to be gimmicky business activities. At that time many people considered that tests such as the SAT measured a student’s math and reading ability. Miles knew that for the most part, this test really measured the student’s ability to take standardized tests.

This claim seemed contemptuous to the educational establishment. For years and years the creator of the SAT, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), claimed that prep programs were a waste of time and money. Their reasoning – they claimed that the SAT cannot be learned and measured long-term skills that could not be taught in short periods of time. With such claims coming from such a prominent source, Studyworks’ early years were difficult. Despite the odds, Studyworks grew as more students began to discover that our courses did help them in achieving their highest potential score.

Miles has since retired from Studyworks and is now living in Japan and Hawaii.  He still visits Studyworks in Singapore regularly to offer his expertise in test preparation as well as to teach a class or two as the domain expert on the SAT.

Over the years, Studyworks has evolved and today, we offer academic training courses in the areas of university entrance examinations such as the ACT, and the SAT, as well as high school entrance examination, the SSAT. Studyworks is also the appointed test center for major examinations such as the GRE, USMLE, PMP, FINRA, API, Nursing and many other professional qualification examinations.

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