At Studyworks, we are not just teachers. We are parents too. Your children will be in good hands.
Our Vision and Mission

The Studyworks Vision

To be the center of excellence for learning, training and test taking for students and adult learners, both academically and professionally.


The Studyworks  Mission

To deliver quality and enjoyable learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant and interesting to the learners.

To improve students’ abilities in the areas of test taking and core subjects required for university entrance examinations.

To increase the values of the adult learners in the areas of skills set, job performance, competitiveness and employability.


The Studyworks Training Manifesto



  • To design and facilitate an interesting learning experience for students.
  • To provide targeted prep courses for students taking university entrance examinations.
  • To be able to drive the students to achieve their greatest potential so as to achieve higher scores for their university entrance examinations.