About us

Untitled-3Studyworks has been teaching students since the year 2000 and is registered as a school under the Ministry of Education
Since 2013, Studyworks has embarked on a diversification drive into the area of providing courses for working adults and professionals.  In March 2015, Studyworks was appointed by Prometric, Inc., as its representative for academic and professional testing services in Singapore.  Studyworks’ role is to securely deliver computer-based examinations for professional certifications such as the PMP, SOA, HRCI, CISI, API, USMLE etc.,  as well as academic examinations such as the GRE, PRAXIS, MCAT.  As the appointed test center in Singapore, Studyworks ensures that students, working adults and professionals seeking to achieve professional qualifications can take their examinations in a fair and secured environment and that the agencies entrusting us with running these examinations can be assured of fair testing.

Securing the appointment as Prometric’s only test center in Singapore is a boost to Studyworks’ efforts to diversify into the area of professional training and learning.  Through the testing services, Studyworks has been building up business relationships with many professional bodies.  Studyworks recognises the importance of continuing education and training and would continue to work with these organisations in delivering tests and courses for the adult learners and working professionals.

The Studyworks Vision

To be the center of excellence for learning and training, both academically and professionally, for students and adult learners.

The Studyworks Mission

To deliver quality and enjoyable learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant and interesting to the learners.
To increase the values of the adult learners in the areas of skills set, job performance, competitiveness and employability.
To improve students’ abilities in the areas of test taking and core subjects required for university entrance examinations.

The Studyworks Training Manifesto

Adult Learning/Professional Training Courses:
  • To design and facilitate an interesting learning experience for our adult learners.
  • To provide appropriate, meaningful and relevant courses to fulfil the learning needs of adult learners.
  • To be able to drive the adult learners to discover the value in their training so as to sustain their learning involvement and interest.
  • To design, facilitate and assess trainings professionally and ethically.
  • To provide relevant training through continuous improvement and meeting the challenges surrounding change.
Academic Training Courses:
  • To design and facilitate an interesting learning experience for students.
  • To provide targeted prep courses for students taking university entrance examinations.
  • To be able to drive the students to achieve their greatest potential so as to achieve higher scores for their university entrance examinations.